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Original painting of a rising sun which is an abstract version of the Aboriginal flag with the silhouette of an Aboriginal holding a spear and a soldier holding a gun surrounded by red poppies on two different sized posters

Freedom Called - POSTERS - Designed from original ANZAC Day artwork - red poppies

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The original artwork called 'Freedom Called' which was painted on ANZAC Day 2021.

The red poppy symbolises the fallen service men and women, and the purple poppy symbolises the fallen service animals, and their ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.


Aboriginal Australians have defended their country with their spears during the colonisation of Australia. They have also defended their country with guns, having served in the Australian Defence Forces since the 1860s and possibly earlier.
Aboriginal peoples have served on the ground, in the air, at sea and on horseback. Their time in the Defence Forces was, for many, their first time being treated as equals. Unfortunately, when they returned to civilian life, they returned to discrimination and prejudice. 
David Arden is an Indigenous Australian guitar player, singer and songwriter, and has many powerful songs to reflect his heritage. ‘Freedom Called’ is named after his song of the same name with poignant lyrics that include:
”…They fought for more than just their homeland
They fought for respect
To walk down a road like any other man
Lest We Forget…”

Posters are available in 2 sizes:

A2 (small) - 42.4cm x 59.8cm
B2 (large) - 50.4cm x 71.1cm


Please note that you may receive multiple parcels when ordering.

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