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Collection: ANZAC Inspired Collection : Men's & Women's Jewellery & Accessories

Every year on ANZAC Day, I create an original piece of Remembrance Day artwork to honour those servicemen, women, and animals who bravely fought in the war and as a tribute to present-day armed forces. As a self-taught artist, I paint from the heart and use nature, life, history, and music to inspire my pieces.

My deep respect for ANZAC and helping others remember the sacrifice of our soldiers has led me to produce a range of merchandise, including home decor items, tote bags, scarves, jewellery and much more. 


  • Earrings and most pendants are handmade by Kerry Sandhu Art in Australia and are all made from zinc (nickel free) alloy metals unless otherwise specified.
  • Some pendants are made in the USA using a POD company that can personalise (engrave) each product and are stainlkess steel or 18k gold (unless otherwise stated)
  • The ball chains on the handcrafted jewellery are 60cm, and these can easily be clipped to become shorter.
  • All pendants can be converted into keyrings with a silver metal ring.
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Remember the Fallen with Poppy Jewellery on ANZAC Day

Poppy jewellery is a lovely way to observe ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day (commemorated on 11 November), because the red poppy symbolises war remembrance in many areas, including Australia and New Zealand. It is common to see Australians wearing red poppies and clothing or jewellery featuring the poppy as they remember, respect, and honour all those who have lost their lives in armed conflict. Local artist Kerry Sandhu offers a collection of lovely handmade poppy jewellery made with an original artwork called “For The Fallen,” which she painted on ANZAC Day in 2017.


How Poppy Earrings Help Bring Comfort and Peace

It may seem like something as small as a pair of earrings or a necklace couldn’t have much significance on a day like ANZAC Day. However, the poppy is a way to quietly remember all those who have died in war or serve or have served in the armed forces. This humble flower has been associated with battlefield deaths since the Great War, partly because it was one of the first flowers to bloom on battlefields in Flanders, and also because of the connection John McCrae created in his beautiful poem, “In Flanders Fields.” Here are a few interesting facts about the red poppy.

  • It is most commonly worn on ANZAC and Remembrance Days
  • Although the poppy isn’t reserved for ANZAC Day, it is commonly worn or displayed as a sign of remembrance on this solemn day.
  • It is used in many ANZAC and Remembrance Day ceremonies. Many commemorative ceremonies throughout Australia include placing red poppies by family members beside the names of fallen relatives on various war memorials.
  • Single poppies are not commonly worn on ANZAC Day. It’s more common to see wreaths of poppies or multiple poppies together, as displayed in Kerry’ “For The Fallen” jewellery collection.

A Poppy Necklace and Much More

You can choose from a wide selection of handmade jewellery by Kerry Sandhu, including: 

  • Necklaces: Kerry offers a range of necklaces, including those with round, oval, and square pendants. Ball chains are 60cm and adjustable to become shorter if desired.
  • Dog Tags: Dog Tag pendants are a unique original design that also has the option of being engraved on the back. These are available in stainless steel and 18k gold. These come in a beautiful gift box.
  • Earrings: Earrings are made from nickel-free zinc alloy metals unless otherwise indicated. Choose from a range of shapes and sizes to find the perfect pair.
  • Bangles: Beautifully designed and crafted charm bangles which also has the option of being engraved on the back. These come in a beautiful gift box.
  • Cufflinks: Cufflinks are a perfect accessory for formal attire.