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Welcome to Kerry Sandhu Art:

Pure Imagination Funshops!



Unleash your creative soul in a new and exciting way with our mobile Intuitive Mixed Media Painting Funshops. We bring the art studio experience to you, providing a unique and immersive journey into the world of artistic expression.


Why Choose Kerry Sandhu Art Funshops?

  • Are you tired of the same old get-togethers?
  • Do you long for an escape where you can free your mind and engage in something both fun and creative?
  • Whether you're an experienced artist or a complete beginner, we have the perfect solution for you!


Look * Listen * Feel * Imagine *


    The Solution You've Been Imagining!

    Kerry Sandhu Art Pure Imagination Funshops are designed to tap into your intuition, unleashing your unique creativity through mixed media painting. No experience is required - just bring your curiosity and a willingness to explore your imagination.

    What to Expect:

    • Art and Alchemy: Embark on a transformative artistic journey, where alchemy represents the process of turning vision into a captivating masterpiece.
    • Intuition and Imagination: Embrace the art of painting from your heart, guided by the whispers of your inner creativity.
    • Therapeutic and Healing: Revel in the joy of creation without the weight of pressure or guilt.
    • Freedom and Empowerment: Unleash your self-expression in a secure, pressure-free environment, fostering a sense of liberty and empowerment.

    The Artistic Process:

    This immersive process sets the soul free, reigniting the excitement and wonder reminiscent of childhood. Art transforms into a therapeutic outlet, fostering inspiration, evoking emotions, and acting as a gateway to the future. The more you unreservedly express your imagination, the more your inner creativity will radiate and shine.

    Why Art Matters:

    Creativity and imagination extend beyond the canvas, influencing your everyday and working life. By embracing your right brain, you gain a fresh outlook on challenges, nurturing personal freedom, empowerment, and prosperity. 

    Your Unique Style:

    Discover your creative language, whether it's realism, impressionism, abstract, or a fusion of styles. Pure Imagination Painting Funshops provide a safe, pressure-free environment where you can dive into the creative process and emerge with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


    These Funshops are open to anyone who wants to experience something a little different.


    Who Can Join:

    • Family & Friends
    • Parties
    • Corporate Teams
    • All Ages Welcome

    What's Included:

    • All art supplies provided
    • 2.5 - 3 hours of creative exploration
    • Guidance and prompts
    • Pressure and structure free environment
    • Mobile Funshops (we come to you!)
    • $80 pp (4-10 pax) Discounts available (Conditions apply)


    Book Your Pure Imagination Funshop:

    Funshops are currently available in Darwin and surrounding areas.

    Bookings (and upfront payment) are essential to secure your spot in this liberating and creative experience.

    Unlock your imagination, embrace your creativity, and gift yourself the joy of expression. Join us for a Pure Imagination Funshop – where your masterpiece begins!




    Just be sure to bring an open mind!


    I can’t wait to create with you!


    Contact Email:  kerrysandhuart@gmail.com or through the chat option


    Only currently available to Darwin and surrounding areas.

    * additional costs may occur if further than 50km