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Pure Imagination Painting Funshops



It's not what you think... It's what you imagine! 



Intuitive Mixed Media Painting Funshops 

* We come to you! * 


* Look * Listen * Feel * Imagine *

Unleash your creative soul in a new and exciting way


*  Are you looking for something different as a fun get together that has not been offered before?

*  Do you want to 'free your mind' and escape for a few hours doing something fun and creative?

* Do you want to learn to use your intuition to create a one-of-a-kind unique piece of art?

*  Don't have any experience? No problem!


Then do I have the solution for you!!!


Kerry Sandhu Art Pure Imagination Funshops are designed to get the participants to tap into their imagination (intuition) and to unleash their own unique creativity and paint from their heart, using both formal and unique techniques.

You will learn how to use ART and ALCHEMY, combined with your INTUITION and IMAGINATION, to produce your very own unique mixed media masterpiece. 🦄🎨🖼

This process helps to liberate the soul though fun, excitement, curiosity and wonder, taking you back to childhood when you did things just for fun, with no pressure or guilt! Art is also therapeutic and healing, beautiful, inspiring and emotive and can open portals to our future, so it is an amazing outlet to have!

The more you let yourself freely express your imagination, the more that inner creativity inside of you will start to come out and paint a beautiful story to shine to the world. Creativity and imagination also helps you to tap into your right (creative) brain in your everyday and working lives, potentially giving you a different outlook on how to approach your work.

The more creative we are, and the more beauty that we produce, we guarantee liberty, personal freedom, empowerment and prosperity in our lives.

To be able to share the way you experience life with humanity... well there's nothing quite like it, and I want you to give that gift to yourself and even the world!

The best way to do that is to learn how to harness your creative language into a cohesive style that you truly resonate with. This may be realism, impressionism or abstract, or a combination of them all - it all comes down to what you connect with!

Pure Imagination (intuitive mixed media) Painting Funshops are a safe and pressure free environment, where you can free your mind and go 'all in' in the creative process to emerge with a beautiful and creative one-of-a-kind unique art piece


These Funshops are open to anyone who wants to experience something a little different.


  • Family & Friends
  • Parties
  • Corporate Teams
  • All Ages Welcome
  • Guidance and prompts 
  • Pressure and Structure Free
  • Everything is provided (including aprons, acrylic paints, brushes, palette knives, canvases, easels, stencils, markers, oil pastels, stamps, sponges, gloves, music and much more!)
  • Mobile Funshops (we come to you!*) 
  • 2.5 - 3 hours
  • $80 pp (4-10 pax) * Discounts available * (Conditions apply)
  • Bookings (and upfront payment) are essential
  • Only currently available in Darwin and surrounding areas



Just be sure to bring an open mind!


Bookings are essential and limited, so email with expressions of interest, today!


All Ages Welcome


ESCAPE and FREE YOUR MIND for an amazing 2.5 - 3 hour intuitive mixed media painting Funshop, and introduce some creativity into your personal and/or work life.

I can’t wait to create with you!


Contact Email:  kerrysandhuart@gmail.com or through the chat option


Only currently available to Darwin and surrounding areas.

* additional costs may occur if further than 50km