About Artist Kerry Sandhu

About Kerry Sandhu Art

Kerry Sandhu is an up-and-coming local artist who was born and spent most of her life in Perth until her 2020 move to Darwin, Australia.

She creates “inspired art from the heart” and believes that every artwork, like every person, is unique and has a destiny. She also believes original artwork is not just for the walls - it can be functional, practical, stylish and fashionable!

She has sold her pieces throughout Australia as well as internationally.

Shipping in Australia is free with orders over $150. International rates are very competitive and kept to a minimum where possible.


Kerry creates moving original emotional art pieces to commemorate all of our past and present service men, women and animals. 
Each of these artworks are painted on an ANZAC Day which allows her to tap into the raw emotion of the day.
Kerry believes in the healing capacity of art which can bring people together, connect people with their time in service, and to also commemorate those who served before us.

Kerry has a deep connection with the ANZACS (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.) dating back to her Great Uncle landing at ANZAC Cove on 25 April 1915, where he was ultimately killed in action. Her Grandfather fought in WW2 and was caught in Greece, spending a number of years as a POW, and other family members also served in both WW1 and WW2. Kerry's son is also currently in the Australian Air Force Cadets, with aspirations to join the ADF after year 12.

From these original artworks, Kerry has created beautiful and varied products that can be appreciated in everyday life, and are not just for the wall!

This ANZAC Inspired Collection commemorates these brave men, women and animals.

The red poppy is a symbol of remembrance to those who died in war or are serving in the armed forces. The purple poppy is a reminder of the animals that have and continue to serve.



Spotlight on Local Artist to Support: Kerry Sandhu Art

If you love the idea of supporting a local artist while buying functional art, don’t miss Kerry Sandhu Art. Kerry creates merchandise from all of her original art in a range of pieces, such as ceramic mugs, clocks, coasters, blank greeting cards, cushion covers, homewares, scarves, tote bags, and jewellery and much more. Discover her unique aesthetic in quality, everyday, and gift items and find something beautiful and useful for yourself or give as a gift.

Benefits of Buying Original Australian Art

When it comes to buying art, everyone is different. We all have unique tastes and preferences; we all like different things, and art speaks to us in different ways. However, there’s one thing that most of us can agree on: it’s always a good idea to support your local artists. Here are a few reasons why.

  • It’s good for the local economy. When you buy from local artists, you are helping to stimulate the local economy, thereby supporting more of your favourite local businesses. Buying your art locally is good for your immediate community and Australia as a whole.
  • It has cultural significance. The culture of a region and its people is reflected in its art. Also, artists are naturally influenced by and reflect the local culture. Artworks created locally often have deeper meaning and significance to local residents.
  • It stimulates creativity. Art does more than enhancing the décor of homes and offices. It contributes to happiness and joy, helping to foster a positive mood and creative thinking in your family, guests, employees, or customers.

Some of Kerry’s Original Australian Art

Kerry creates a wide range of homewares and gift items featuring her original artworks. Her art is primarily inspired by nature, music, and life itself. A few of her offerings include:

  • Ceramic and travel mugs. You likely drink out of a mug or travel mug nearly every day; it might as well be one you like looking at. Choose from a variety of ceramic and travel mugs bearing wraparound art in bold colours and a range of subjects and themes.
  • Tote bags. Kerry’s tote bags come in two sizes and make beautiful gifts. Choose a striking print and use your bag to carry groceries, beach supplies, personal items for an overnight trip, or whatever else you may need to bring along with you on the road.
  • A wide range of gifts. If you’re looking for interesting gifts, you’ve come to the right place. Kerry offers a wide selection of possibilities, including acrylic block art, ballpoint pens, ceramic ornaments, drawstring backpacks, spiral notebooks, comfy socks, and many more. New items are constantly being added, so be sure to check for new items regularly!