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Each year on ANZAC Day, I paint an original artwork as a tribute to the fallen servicemen, servicewomen and serviceanimals and their ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

The red poppy symbolises the fallen service men and women, and the purple poppy symbolises the fallen service animals.

There are five ANZAC Original paintings:

'For The Fallen' - 2017

'I Was Only 19' - 2018

'Benedictus' - 2019

'The Band Played Waltzing Matilda' - 2020

'Freedom Called' - 2021




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Hang ANZAC Day Art in Your Home and Workplace

While every year in April, Australia and New Zealand commemorate those soldiers who lost their lives at Gallipoli during World War I, hanging inspired by ANZAC Day art in your home can serve as a year-round reminder of their brave sacrifice. Every ANZAC Day, I create an original painting inspired by the 1915 historical events, as well as more recent conflicts, as my personal tribute to every fallen service person and animal and their fight for our freedom. You can readily browse my original Remembrance Day art and merchandise from the past five years online, including my latest painting, Freedom Called, and order with free express delivery nationwide.

The Importance of ANZAC Inspired Artwork

An inspired by ANZAC Day painting and other remembrance merchandise is an ideal way to remember and honour soldiers who fought in WWI, as well as all conflicts since.

  • It symbolises a significant historical event: Placing an ANZAC inspired tribute in your home is a perfect way to honour the fallen Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought in Gallipoli. More than 8700 Australians died during the campaign.
  • It can help you remember: Life can often be so busy that we forget the soldiers' brave sacrifice for our freedom. You can hang a beautiful painting in your home or office as a reminder of the historical events that happened at Gallipoli and also at other sites.
  • You can share the story with others: ANZAC inspired artwork is an ideal conversation starter and can prompt you to share the story of Gallipoli and the Western Front with the next generation or friends visiting from overseas. It can also lead to interesting conversations at work or on an outing as you wear jewellery, a scarf, or carry a tote bag with poppy designs.

What Sets Me Apart Regarding ANZAC Inspired Art

You can readily browse my collection of original ANZAC inspired artwork, which also features a range of merchandise, and find the ideal keepsake to commemorate this historical event.

  • Ceramic ornaments: I know that not everyone has the space to hang a large painting in their home, yet you can still honour the soldiers by hanging a small ceramic ornament with your chosen design anywhere in your home. You can hang it year-round in your dining room or lounge or bring it out at Christmas to hang on your tree as a tribute to those who can no longer celebrate the festive season with a loved one. You can create a set of ceramic tree ornaments that includes one of each design, making it the perfect family heirloom to pass on to future generations.
  • Jewellery: You can select a stunning piece of jewellery, including necklaces, cufflinks and earrings, which feature my ‘For the Fallen’ design from the ANZAC inspired collection. Pendants are made with silver or bronze nickel-free alloy metals and comes in a round, square or oval shape. Earrings are available as in platinum studs, metal alloy clasps, or surgical steel fish hook styles so that you can select the most suitable type for your lifestyle.
  • Homewares: You can readily decorate your home for ANZAC day every April or keep a few items on display throughout the year with my excellent range of quality homewares. From my Freedom Called cushion covers in your lounge to a stunning For the Fallen table runner in your dining room, you can find a vast selection of ANZAC inspired homeware to display throughout your home. My other homeware items include stubby holders, napkin sets, placemats, coasters, clocks, mugs, gorgeous acrylic blocks and more.

Inspiration Behind My ANZAC Day Inspired Artwork

While the capture of Gallipoli is the main inspiration for my ANZAC tributes, I also use other influences such as real-life stories, music, and events to create an original painting every year.

  • For the Fallen (2017): I feature red and purple poppies in my ‘For the Fallen’ artwork to symbolise the fallen servicemen and animals from WWI and beyond. This painting was my first ANZAC inspired creation in 2017.
  • The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (2020): I named my 2020 artwork after the powerful and moving Eric Bogle song The Band Played Waltzing Matilda. This song’s depiction of one young man’s experience and the events at Gallipoli inspired my painting which showcases a soldier with various animals used in WWI, surrounded by a field of purple and red poppies, walking away to war.
  • Freedom Called (2021): An Aboriginal Australian soldier holds a spear and stands next to his rifle-holding comrade in this 2021 ANZAC tribute painting. Indigenous Australians originally defended their country with spears against colonisation. For many, it wasn’t until they stood side-by-side with other soldiers during the war that they were treated as equals among men, only to return to home be discriminated against. This artwork is named after the David Arden song Freedom Called.

What You Can Expect from Me Regarding ‘Lest We Forget’ Artwork

You can readily browse my collection of ANZAC inspired artwork online and order it for yourself or as a gift to a friend or family member.

  • I provide exceptional customer service: I process orders promptly so that you can start displaying the chosen artwork or wearing your jewellery or scarf as soon as possible. I am happy to answer any questions you have regarding my art or learn more about my products from the brief description next to each item.
  • You will receive a quality product with original artwork: I provide a range of products that feature my original artwork, including tote bags, scarves, jewellery, ceramic ornaments, notebooks, pens, socks, mugs, and more. Whether you’re out with friends, relaxing at home, or jotting down notes, you can take a moment to remember the Australian and New Zealand soldiers at ANZAC Cove when you glimpse at the design on your merchandise. I create quality products and ensure that everything is manufactured to a high standard.
  • I offer free delivery nationwide: You can enjoy the benefits of free express delivery nationwide when you purchase anything from my original artwork collection, and free regular delivery with order over $60 for my merchandise items. However, I can also send your products by express post for a fee if you require them promptly. I use trusted postal services to ensure that your order arrives safely and in excellent condition.

About Kerry Sandhu Art

Every year on ANZAC Day, I create an original piece of Remembrance Day artwork to honour those servicemen, women, and animals who bravely fought in the war and as a tribute to present-day armed forces. As a self-taught artist, I paint from the heart and use nature, life, history, and music to inspire my pieces. My deep respect for ANZAC and helping others remember the sacrifice of our soldiers has led me to produce a range of merchandise, including tote bags, scarves, jewellery and much more. Contact me with any enquiries or order ‘lest we forget’ art online and get free delivery in Australia for orders over $60.